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**New** At last - dynamically priced Drop Shipping for Zen Cart Stores! Unlimited numbers of drop ship origin points!

*Note - this version ONLY works with UPS as the shipper* XUSPS-DropShip now also available or buy both - DropShip combo and save $25

XUPS-DropShip and XUSPS-DropShip modules work in a very simple and elegant manner. The Manufacturers table is modified to accept a shipping zone (zip code in other words). Because Zen Cart products can be 'attached' to Manufacturers, by knowing what products are in the cart, we also know which shipping zone each product is in by reason of the manufacturer (and thus, shipping origin point) associated with the product.

Thus, the DropShip modules sort the cart by shipping zone and sequentially pass the number of items, the weight, the origin point, the destination point to UPS or USPS using standard Zen Cart code to dynamically obtain the shipping quote.

And newly released - you can now automatically add a DropShip Handling Fee to the shipping calcualtions for those suppliers who charge the store owner a handling fee!

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