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  • Display an animated 'cover flow' type strip containing product images and names.
  • Products to be included in the XFlow Strip can be easily controlled through Zen Cart admin product pages.
  • The selected product image and name are displayed in the XFlow Strip.
  • Settings in admin to set the XFlow Strip to be displayed in the header, footer or as a side box.
  • The XFlow Strip can be controlled via admin to show or not show on certain pages or cutom URLs can be added to a 'do not show on these pages' list.
  • Various other settings are provided in admin to control the size, look and feel of the XFlow Strip in order to easily integrate with your site.
  • When a customer clicks on a product in the XFlow Strip they are taken to that product info page.
  • Two SQL install files are included. One for automatically setting all products to show in the XFlow Strip and one for automatically setting no products to show in the XFlow Strip.
  • The XFlow Strip will not be displayed unless there are one or more products that have been set to display in the XFlow Strip.
  • Admin settings include:
    • XFlow Strip Width
    • XFlow Strip Height
    • XFlow Product Image Spacing
    • XFlow Strip Background Color
    • XFlow Strip Auto Scroll Speed
    • XFlow Strip Minimum Thumb Width
    • XFlow Strip Minimum Thumb Height
    • XFlow Strip Maximum Thumb Width
    • XFlow Strip Maximum Thumb Height
    • XFlow Strip Tooltip Font Size
    • XFlow Strip Tooltip Font Face
    • XFlow Strip Tooltip Font Color
    • XFlow Strip Tooltip Font Background Color Alpha
    • XFlow Strip Tooltip Font Background Color
    • XFlow Strip Tooltip Position
    • XFlow Strip Image Reflection
    • XFlow Strip Image Reflection Alpha
    • XFlow Strip Image Reflection Spread
    • XFlow Strip Image Reflection Distance
    • XFlow Strip On Scroll End
    • XFlow Strip Position
    • XFlow Strip Show On Product Info Pages
    • XFlow Strip Show On Product Listing Pages
    • XFlow Strip Show On EZ Pages
    • XFlow Strip Show On Special Page
    • XFlow Strip Show On New Products Page
    • XFlow Strip Show On Featured Products Page
    • XFlow Strip Show On All Products Page
    • XFlow Strip Show On Main Page Only
    • XFlow Strip Do Not Show On These Pages

Setting Products to Display in the XFlow Strip
To include/exclude a product to be displayed in the XFlow Strip navigate to the product page in Zen Cart admin by going to Catalog >> Categories/Products.

Here will be a new option 'Include Product in Product Flow Strip:' which can be set to 'yes' or 'no'.

Other XFlow Settings
There are a number of settings under Configuration >> XFlow Configuration for controlling the look, feel and functionality of the XFlow Strip.
These include....
  • Width
  • Height
  • Image Spacing
  • Background Color
  • Auto Scroll Speed
  • Thumb Height
  • Tooltip Font Size
  • Tooltip Font Face
  • Tooltip Font Color
  • Tooltip Position
  • Image Reflection
  • Image Reflection Spread
  • Image Reflection Distance
  • Action to take on Scroll End

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