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Free Links Manager Sorted

The Xmodules Team took this well known Open Source Links Manager, cleaned it up and most notably made sure that Links are alpha-sorted/displayed! For All Zen Cart versions. Free-of-charge - Enjoy!

XSpamOut – New, Free Module for Zen Cart   A common problem for many Zen Cart Store Owners is the volume of ‘spam’ registrations.   Now – we  have two solutions – CAPTCHA – a free of charge module that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.   However, many Store Owners’ sites will already most ... more info
Export Email Addresses

Successful e-commerce stores depend on successful marketing. And one important aspect of successful marketing is being able to connect with your client base.   We are now giving away free – Export Email Addresses module for Zen Cart. This module adds a menu option to your Zen Cart Tools menu and with a click of a link, you get a list of all your customer email addresses, first and last names.   With list in hand, you can now ... more info
Project Fees

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Please enter the project deposit or project fee balance as advised in your email.

XFreeStyle allows Admin to assign specific products to have a price field that the customer can enter an amount in, rather than normal Zen Cart pricing.   Use cases might be - you need to bill for a service or product where the fee or price is variable - such as - a shipping overage charge; maybe you need to bill a client for a Project Deposit; maybe you are a Charity soliciting variable donation amounts   Zen Cart fixed product ... more info

Price: $75.00
... more info

XSalres report brings much needed product sales reporting to Zen Cart   XSales generates the following types of sales report: Sales for all products from all categories Specific sub-categories Drill down to specific product Flexible, user- selected repoting periods Report outputs may be directed to screen, printer or Excel This image illustrates an All Product report for all periods - showing This Month, Last Month, Last 3 Months, ... more info
XHoneyPot Spam - Free!

  New Free Spam Fighter Module – Even Better than CAPTCHA XHoneyPot module was developed to provide protection from spam account registrations for Zen Cart stores.   Features include: Create account spam protection without any need for the customer to enter often difficult to read characters into a form field. The Zen Cart registration form remains exactly as it is. Contact Us spam protection without any need for the ... more info
XBanner Slider

Display rotating, transitional images/banners on Zen Cart main page. Images and associated links controlled via standard Zen Cart Banner Manager. Admin configuration settings for the display options of images. Enable/disable display on main page without having to delete banners. Control strip below images to allow customer to move to next or previous image. Control strip below images to allow customer to start and stop transitions. Admin ... more info

Price: $75.00
... more info

XProfit is a product sales report which shows sales amounts, cost of sales and gross profit. Cost of sales is derived by the addition of a Cost Price field to the product record. An Ajax product tree allows the user to report on all products or individually selected categories. Reporting period selectors allows the the user to define which reporting periods to include.

Price: $75.00
... more info

XCustData enables a store owner to run a report on customers that have made purchases. The resulting report includes customer specific information, order specific information (such as payment method, shipping method, order status etc) and prodduct information for that order. Reports can be ran using various criteria, including..... Customer ID, Customer Name, Customer Company, Product ID, Product Name, Product Model, States, Preset or Custom ... more info
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